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Driving school Leiden

​The potential to drive a car is a vital skill to have‚ whether for daily moments, like picking up the kids from the kindergarten, or hard times, such as planning a hospital trip for emergency cases. So if you have to drive for fun, or just want to drive for business, having a driving licence can be your ticket to heaven, freedom and independence.
For those who are new to the Netherlands, Holland can be a daunting place to take lessons. If you're ready to start your lessons and if you are looking for a driving school in Leiden, then we are the qualified driving instructors all over the area.

Driving lessons in Leiden

So wherever you're based‚ would it be at Noordwijk or Katwijk, or when you are looking for a driving school in Wassenaar. There are several instructors to suit your needs.

We welcome students from all types of life, from those who have just turned 17 and are looking for their first few lessons, to those who are on a budget and looking for affordable packages or intensive courses. We offer a range of driving lessons in Leiden, so you'll feel confident at any time of the year. Or if you just want to get on the road as soon as possible, we also have intensive courses created to get you through your practical test with the minimum of difficulty's. So whatever your reasons for learning is, driving school Het Groene Rijden can help you pass your driving test as quickly‚ and as cheaply‚ as possible.

10% off Driving Lessons with driving school Wassenaar *

Take advantage of our fantastic introductory offer on driving lessons with Driving school Het Groene Rijden Leiden.

As a student with our school in Leiden you will also benefit from:

  • Assistance with theory training

  • Block booking discounts

  • Lesson booking in the evening and weekends 

  • Our own developed APP, this helps us to increase your chance of passing the practical test by 25%

  • Access to fantastic offers and promotions from some of the Netherlands leading driving schools

Cheap driving school


10 driving lessons

practical exam

60 minuts actual driving



20 driving lessons

practical exam

pay per month max 3



Inclusief praktijkexamen

Les van 60 minuten

Tussen tijdse toets 


Vaste instructeur

30 driving lessons

practical exam

Pay per month max 3




40 driving lessons

practical exam

pay per month 




50 driving lessons

practical exam

pay per month




unlimited lessons

unlimited practical exams

pay per month


Single lesson

Multiply per hour


Refresh course

90 minuts - for people who haven't drive in a long while


Theory exam

Dutch theory exam


Practical exam

Double lesson included



Discount included


Performance anxiety exam

For people undergoing performance anxiety


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